HDCU-800::Microcomputer Communication Manager

HDCU-800 series communication management machine adopts advanced embedded processor and communication technology, Can quickly to Constitute flexible networking for intelligent protection and control device of substation, power plants and industrial and mining enterprises. Collect remote signal / telemetry / electrical degree / alarm information / setting parameters / recorder data, To the background monitoring system or Forwarded to the scheduling system far away, and to all the intelligent protection and control device transmits issued background monitoring system on the network command, two-way communication implementation and monitoring system.

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  • Communication Interface Function2 RS232 ports, 4 ~ 16 RS485 interface, 2 CAN interfaces, 1 ~ 4 Ethernet interface
  • Upload DataTelemetry, remote communication, data of telesignalisation displacement event information, action protection message to the background monitoring system of protection and monitoring device.
  • Data TransferMessage send background monitoring system (such as inspection, remote control, check the settings, modify the setting value, the distance reversion, timing etc.) to the protection and monitoring device.
  • Variety Of Protocol Conversion FunctionThe downlink channel support: Ministry of CDT, Modbus, IEC60870-5-103, IEC60870-5-104, DL645, from the 94 protocol. The uplink channel support: CDT, Modbus, IEC60870-5-101 department, Sc1801.
  • Dual Redundancy FunctionDouble communication management machine running at the same time to monitor the running status of each other. The main communication management machine in normal operation, automatic backup state in preparing the communication management machine. The fault of communication management machine, automatic switching communication management machine replacement operation. To restore the fault of the main communication management machine, automatic switching back to the communication management machine operation, preparing the communication management machine backup status. In the communication management machine backup state cannot be sent out data.
  • Time Setting FunctionReceive GPS time of correct signal. Double management machine system, management configuration GPS automatic machine is not configured GPS to management of the school. According to the protocol of receiving, from the specified channel to the designated channel transmit clock information.

  • From 1 to 410M/100Mindependent network ports, meet the large system with multiple network segments demand
  • 8 ~ 18 photoelectric isolation of serial port, RS232/485/422/ fiber ST according to user needs any combination
  • Embedded operating system, real time ability stability, first-class
  • Specification: IEC60870-5-101/102/103/104, a rich library of DNP3.0, CDT, MODBUS, SC1801 and other protocols
  • Using RS485, CAN, Ethernet powerful communication network, support double network, multi network communication function
  • IRIG-B time synchronization; B code TTL precision: 1ms
  • The multi master powerful communication capability
  • Dual redundancy, cascade, distribution network flexible
  • A wide range of AC and DC power input, 80~265V
  • Wide temperature operation: 25℃~+70;
  • Strong anti interference performance, low power consumption, free of fan, industrial design


Communication management machine (8 Serial COM, 2 Net Ports )


Communication management machine (16 Serial COM, 2 Net Ports)


Communication management machine (18 Serial COM, 4 Net Ports)

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