HDPG-810 microcomputer generator difference protector

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The HDPG-810 microcomputer generator difference protector applies to medium to small capacity generators as the main protection of internal inter-phase short circuits,and as the non-electricity protection of excitation faults and hydraulic (thermal) faults.

1.Longitudinal difference protection

2.Inter-turn (transverse difference) protection

3.TA failure judgment

4.Non-electricity [excitation,hydraulic (thermal) fault] protection

5.Electric anti-pump circuit

Ordering instructions

Provide the following upon ordering:

1. Name, model and quantity of the device. Please specify any special requirement differs from our standard product.

2. Voltage class. The operating power supply for any device is intended for both AC and DC purposes, with 110V and 220V inputs; the 220V version will be provided unless otherwise specified.

3. Communication port: The device standard communication configure is a single 485. If needs dual RS485 network which shall be specified.

4. Ratings of key parameters

For a protector, provide the nominal rated current (1Aor5A)

For a device with the zero sequence current protection function in a low-current ground system, provide the rated zero sequence current (0.2Aor0.02A)

5. Term and place of delivery, means of transport

6. Other terms shall be negotiated.

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