China 45 year 6 to speed up construction of nuclear power to build 8 nuclear power plants

The Chinese government has decided to build a new nuclear power station at 8 to 6 per year, according to the Nikkei news report in October 12th, the Chinese government has decided to start the five thirteenth year plan in 欧洲杯体育娱乐网址网站6. For the introduction of independent development of new nuclear power plant will invest a total of 500000000000 Yuan of funds by 2030, and strive to exceed the number of power generation capacity and operation in the world, become the world's largest nuclear power".
"Thirteen Five Plan" will be decided in the spring of 欧洲杯体育娱乐网址网站6, the National People's Congress formally. China will expand the construction of nuclear power plant as one of the major policies in the economic field, will expand support measures for the competent departments and related industries. In addition, the promotion of domestic nuclear power technology policy will also be included in the "Thirteen five planning".
The Nikkei news said the new to 5 year plan to build 3 to five nuclear power plants each year, compared to the future will accelerate the pace. First, by 2020, power generation capacity will be increased to 58000000 kilowatts, to the end of 3, 欧洲杯体育娱乐网址网站4 times. To the full implementation of thirteen five year plan in 2030, China is expected there will be more than 110 nuclear power plants put into operation, this number will exceed the United States.
The Economic Information Daily reported this month, the report also said that the inland nuclear power ushered in the window period, the national development and Reform Commission commissioned by the Chinese Academy of engineering, China Nuclear Energy Industry Association and other comprehensive demonstration of the proposed development of inland nuclear power, has been reported to be a research report, pending final decision.
"Nikkei news" said China intends to continue after the high iron, the nuclear power to build into a pillar industry of basic facilities for export strategy. However, China's ability to dispel concerns about the safety of the country and abroad is still a problem.
According to China Nuclear Energy Industry Association statistics, China's current nuclear power plant operation is 25, 26 are under construction. Tokyo Electric Power Fukushima first nuclear power plant accident in March 欧洲杯体育娱乐网址网站1, the impact of the freezing of the second five year plan (欧洲杯体育娱乐网址网站1 ~ 欧洲杯体育娱乐网址网站5) of the nuclear power plant construction plan.
Including the 2008 received NDRC's approval to carry out preparatory work for the Hunan peach blossom river, Jiangxi Pengze, Dafan three inland nuclear power project "very injured." As of the end of 欧洲杯体育娱乐网址网站3, the peach river nuclear power has accumulated 4630000000 yuan investment in fixed assets. Pengze Dafan nuclear power project, project investment has reached 3400000000 yuan.
But now, China believes that the safety of domestic nuclear power technology has been improved, the utility has been put on the agenda, will again turn into nuclear energy promotion policy, inland nuclear power project has been restarted.
"As long as strict adherence to nuclear safety regulations and standards, and to take reasonable and effective engineering measures, China inland nuclear power plant safety is guaranteed.
Moreover, China inland nuclear power plant liquid effluent discharge standards than the coastal areas more stringent, the technology won't cause pollution and the impact of region water resources allocation and water safety. " To participate in the research of China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. senior engineer Su Gang on September 8, held in 欧洲杯体育娱乐网址网站5 China International Energy Summit said.
"At present, the Research Report on the construction of inland nuclear power has been reported, and it is the final decision of the Central Committee. If restarts, may be the first is Hunan, Hubei, the three inland power plant, the key to see technology AP1000 or Hualong a number. " An unnamed industry source said. National Energy Bureau official said earlier that "45" period is the development of the eastern coastal, central part of appropriate develop one or two. "
According to the September essence securities research report that, the three inland nuclear power projects, Xianning, Hubei, Hunan Taohuajiang and Jiangxi Pengze may become the first launched the construction of inland nuclear power plant.
Public information, Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi in the past few years, the two sessions have been submitted to restart the inland nuclear power project proposals and recommendations. However, the site selection of nuclear power plant is very strict, so that the earthquake, environment, population, and other factors. Shun Securities said that at present in China in the third generation nuclear power technology research and development to a breakthrough, the security has the international competitiveness. By then, with the further improvement of China's nuclear safety system, if the successful approval of the inland nuclear power project started, China's nuclear power development will usher in another round of peak.

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