New year's new weather the power of the power company

    Last week, with the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the local Spring Festival, the task has been achieved during the stage of victory. When we return home and family reunion to celebrate the new year, please do not forget, there is such a group of power repair workers, they give up the opportunity to reunite with their families, are not afraid of cold, on the eve of the lunar new year as we bring light and warmth. It is said that there is no fifteen years, at this moment, let us still adhere to the line of electric power workers to pay tribute!

    In addition, after the first week of the new year, we have been highly motivated, good news: South Network's first electric load trading platform through the acceptance, the platform will provide services in which the plate? Yunnan in 欧洲杯体育娱乐网址网站5 renewable energy power ratio exceeded 90%, how much effort? In order to protect the safety and stability of power grid during the G20 Hangzhou summit, the State Grid Zhejiang electric power will take what measures? As in this week in a week inventory zhuangao.

    Spring Festival, the southern network of electricity to protect the electricity consumption of ultra high voltage

    On February 12, the fifth day of the new year, in the China Southern Power Grid ultra Voltage Company Guangzhou Bureau from west converter station, typical of the "back to the South" weather, duty member Yang Yang (large) and Chen Yue to carry out routine inspections, special attention was paid to the moistureproof dehumidification equipment is normal, records of inspection of the recorded related dehumidification box shelf life and use.

    According to statistics, 7 to 13 February, South Network EHV company under the jurisdiction of the equipment to maintain safe operation, low - load in Guangdong during the festival, Yunnan, Guizhou, with Guangdong peaking power giving a plan to decrease, together to complete the sale of electricity 9.6 million kilowatts, which sold Guangdong 7.5 kW, the sale of Guangxi 1.8 million kilowatts, the sale of Yunnan 0.3 million kilowatts.

    Power grid construction, Northwest Yunnan HVDC converter stations at both ends of a three-way flat normal construction, asynchronous interconnection project from February 12 to resume construction, the rest of the project under construction had no construction work.

    Duty work, the southern network of ultra high pressure company system strictly enforce the duty system, the total value of the class room to telephone checks on duty personnel 287 passengers, all levels of duty personnel are required to post duty, the information channel is open. No Gongjusiyong, public funds and other violations of the provisions of the spirit of the central eight. Staff and workers are stable, there is no occurrence of personnel aggregation and appeal petition and other events.

    South Network's first electric load trading platform through the acceptance

    Southern Power Grid Corp recently the first power load trading platform - Foshan power demand side management platform through the acceptance. At present, the platform can provide cloud services, energy efficiency, demand response, load transaction, the sale of electricity services, electricity property custody services and functions, in order to assist the government in Foshan area to carry out client side energy efficiency power plant, move the peak to fill the valley and peak energy-saving projects, promote the electric power demand side management pilot work played a positive role.

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    Foshan Electric Power Demand Side Management Platform Project in November 欧洲杯体育娱乐网址网站3, China Southern Power Grid Company owned energy companies to undertake, matching site ( in January 欧洲杯体育娱乐网址网站4 the line platform on 19 December 欧洲杯体育娱乐网址网站4 completed the acceptance function. At present, the platform has about 2 00000 access large industrial customers data gateway, with the ability of certain macro economic analysis; to complete the record of more than 370 energy efficiency power plant project; access to the 111 companies, 163 energy efficiency power plant project data, 153 demand response data items, with 21 million kilowatts demand response ability of load shedding, and has been implemented in a six times demand response validation.

    China Power Investment Limited by Share Ltd signed the first overseas projects

    Recently, SDIC Power Holdings Co., Ltd. and Genting Malaysia energy group in the country voted formally signed million Dan thermal power project in Indonesia equity purchase agreement.

    Wan Dan thermal power project is the country the power to vote following the Meizhou Bay phase, phase II and Genting energy group and a cooperation project, the project is their first overseas cooperation projects, marking the SDIC electric power began to set sail, overseas layout, power development will reach new heights, the country is also cast an important achievement of economic transformation.

    The two sides expressed the hope that in many years to lay the foundation of mutual trust, steady and healthy go, and in the future to carry out more extensive cooperation.

    State Grid Zhejiang electric power launched G20 Hangzhou summit to protect electricity

    February 17th, the distance from the G20 Hangzhou summit held 200 days, the national network Zhejiang Electric Power Corporation held a comprehensive mobilization meeting. It is reported that the G20 Hangzhou summit will be held from September 4th to 5, which will be held in Zhejiang in the history of the highest level, the most influential international conference. For the overall good of the G20 summit in Hangzhou power supply security work, effectively solve the Hangzhou local area power supply bottleneck problem, the Hangzhou grid to create a benchmark for Zhejiang to build a world class power grid, to enhance the city power supply capacity and reliability.

    In Hangzhou urban area grid of old equipment, power supply capacity problems, the national electricity network in Zhejiang to accelerate the implementation of urban power grid capacity of tapping the potential of the project. At present, the main transformer has been expanded to 4 units, 6 units of capacity, the new main transformer capacity of 29.3 million, equivalent to the city center in the new 110 thousand 3 volt substation.

    In addition, the State Grid Zhejiang electric power also actively docking relevant security units, to provide on-site service, in-depth examination of equipment hazards. According to Paul electric range, currently identified 121 Insurance Field Museum, clear, a super user level 47, to carry out a comprehensive user power supply, self supply emergency power supply, power receiving device etc. six aspects, 121 node of hidden investigation, door-to-door compiled "power supply safety pre assessment report", and preparation of the major venues with electric facilities allocation and management guidelines. Start "one

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